The Importance of Backing up your computer data





Nowadays we live in a world full of technology but things often get damaged or lost this is the same when it comes to computers.

Whether you work from a Computer or a Laptop it’s the same difference data must be backed up. It’s amazing the vast amount of users all over the world who think this will never happen to me.

NEWSFLASH – Computers Crash, Laptops get dropped, Drinks are spilled- this is life.

Backing up Data is easier than you might think

You certainly have to have your data backed up nobody thinks it will happen to them but you must prepare for the eventuality that it might. Make yourself a list of what is going to be backed up: Letters emails, documents faxes, music, videos are just some of the items you might have.

What will they be stored on

The best options for back up storage are a USB, DVD, CD or External Hard Drive. You must keep your backup stored in a Safe Location.

Is there another solution?

Fire Safes for Digital Media are another great choice they are designed to protect your files from disasters such as flooding and fire, I would say this could be the ideal solution.

This type of Safe offers protection for CDS, DVDs, Hard Drives, cameras and USB Devices.

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