National Home Security Month

Yale are having National Home Security Month all throughout October. The idea being this will showcase the importance of Home Security.







Recent statistics show that burglaries increase by up to 20 per cent when the clocks change, as criminals take advantage of the darker evenings.

To combat the rise in burglary, NHSM will feature a series of hints and tips to highlight the ways you can keep your homes and families safe during the darker evenings.

The campaign will feature five weekly themes, with each focusing on a different aspect of home security.

This week, crime figures are under the spotlight, as people are urged to become more aware of potential risk in their local area. To support this, Yale is offering a free Crime Watcher app that displays burglary statistics within a mile of your home, during a one-month period.

Door and window security will provide the focus for week two. Many burglars often avoid smashing windows but attempt to force the frame itself, so the campaign will highlight the importance of ensuring all windows are fitted with at least one appropriate lock.

People are more susceptible to fraud during winter, and especially around Christmas, so the third week will examine the best ways to protect valuables. This will be followed by a focus on outside protection in week four, highlighting the importance of securing sheds and garages during the darker months.

NHSM will conclude with a look at the latest security gadgets and future home security technology including digital door locks, which offer both convenience and peace of mind.

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