How to keep an Office well Organised?


This can be a major issue at times; unfortunately no matter how hard you try you are overloaded with paperwork. In these instances you need to reduce the level of paperwork quickly and efficiently. A good method is to prioritize what is to be done first and have a filing system in place.






Minimising the Paperwork

You may want to consider doing away with your paperwork. One of the things you can do now is find it online. You can easily get rid of what you do not need and create well organized digital files. However you must make sure there is a back up plan in case of a computer catastrophe.

The Remaining Paperwork

An efficient system must be sorted out and put in place. Do not start just piling it up on your desk, a gust of wind could come along from the open window and blow it away and then your order is in a right old mess.

Purchase yourself a basic Filing Cabinet, you don’t need a fancy system in place, no need for colour coding of folders just do it in straight up alphabetical order.

An Alphabetical system could be just what is required; many hours are lost in a working day trying to find things. Statistically a worker spends 150 hours looking for misplaced information.

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