Protecting your personal information offline

In the previous post we spoke about Identity theft and how to protect your personal information online.

Now we are moving forward and going to analyze the same subject but the threats it poses offline.

Personal information is always confidential. However you need to make sure your financial records and documents are stored in a safe location.  When it comes to this sort of information trust nobody not even your work colleagues.






It is very important you have something in place to offer the levels of protection you require for looking after this information. A good starting point when talking about files is a Filing Cabinet, this type of product always offers some level of Fire Protection usually between 60 -120 minutes. A Key Lock is always supplied for the locking of your Cabinet.

However if your not so keen on the idea of a Key Lock you could always go for an Electronic Locking Safe.  The distinct advantage with going for this option is you cannot lose your key you only need to remember the code.

There are other bonuses to including:

  • Fire Protection
  • Cash Rating (insurance approved)
  • Storage space for valuables
  • Different sizes
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Certain models have interior compartment for extra storage


Here are a few other tips when securing offline information:

Out and about – limiting what you carry with you when you go for the daily walk is a good idea, Leave credit and Debit Cards at home if you don’t need to use them.

Sharing of information – You are asked for information at your place of work, business or other company. Make sure it is absolutely essential that they require this information.

Shredding – Shred all confidential information that you do not need anymore such as: insurance forms, cheques and bank statements.

The answer most of all is to be safe with your personal information and don’t keep it or give it out if it’s not necessary.

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