Changes to the Sentry Big Bolts Safe Range

The Sentry Big Bolts Safes range is one of the best selling Safes from Sentry and has recently been upgraded due to positive feedback provided by customers as to how these Safe could be improved, there are also plenty of new extras such as security features and better user ability.

Originally there were 4 models in the Big Bolts range but now there are 3 and the model numbers have also been changed.

One of the most notable changes is to the Mechanical Combination Lock.

The Lock has been completely redesigned, it used to be a left to right opening pattern but now it is opened via a right to left opening pattern. When you enter your code correctly you get a portable click indicating the code is correct.

A new Pry resistant Hinge Bar has been added to all 3 models it acts as a dead bolt in such a way it is difficult to pry the unit open.

Many of the factors that made the original Big Bolts range great still remain 1 Hour Fire Protection for Valuables, Documents and Digital Media, Water Resistance for up to 24 hours and Adjustable Shelving, Key Racks and Door Pockets are all still provided.

You have a choice now of Mechanical Combination Lock, Electronic Lock and Dual Electronic Lock and Key.

The future is bright for security products like this so Keep It Safe !!!!

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