How can cash be stored securely at work?

There are many businesses that have to handle money on a daily basis. It can be from an employer’s fraudulent activities, theft or general errors being made by staff.

One of the key factors when looking after cash is how can you deter criminals away from even considering stealing from you in the first instance

The answer for us at Little Safe is fairly simple install a Deposit Safe.









Deposit Safes are great for companies who have a big turnover of cash. Also you can Deposit Cash and valuables without having to access the main Safe.

The Safe can only be unlocked by the Key Holder meaning he or she only has access to the contents. The rest of staff can deposit items or cash even if the key holder is not present.

The most important thing to take into account when taking care of the cash for your Business is use common sense.

Obviously your Safe will only look after a certain amount of money so it is a wise idea to take regular trips to your bank.

When carrying cash in transit it is worth taking a look at one of our Vehicle Safes.

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