Chubbsafes Elements Update – Product Videos

In May we released the new Chubbsafes Elements range, Air, Water, Earth and Fire.

Each Safe is great for the environment as there all part of the elements family. All models are available as a Key or Electronic Lock.

Chubbsafes Elements has become a very popular range for us; certain models are selling out very fast.

The level of security you require really depends on your needs:

Air   – Basic Burglary Protection

Water – Medium Burglary Protection

Earth – High Burglary Protection

Fire – Combined Fire and Burglary Protection


A few days ago the new product videos were released by Chubbsafes Elements.

All four elements have videos, detailing how to operate your Elements Safe. This is a helpful tool at your disposal if you require assistance.

The videos show how to open and close your Safe, Set your user code, Battery replacement and Emergency Opening.

Below is a selection of videos from the Air range, please visit our YouTube Channel for the rest of the videos.

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