Installing your own Safe

All of us have precious belongings, which need to be stored safely and securely so that they do not fall into the wrong hands. Generally, our prized possessions include cash, jewellery, legal documents, passports, bank cheques and other antique items. For this reason, every house needs to have a Home Safe,  rest assured that your valuables are kept safe. Home safes are available in different sizes and shapes as per the customers needs. Most of the safes are quite heavy, although you will also be able to get lighter weight safes, which are suitable for storing smaller items such as jewellery and documents.







Choosing a Home Safe?

Choosing the right home safe for you can be a boring and tedious task. Most home safes are priced between £70 to £250.

Generally speaking, the common varieties of home safes are the fire-resistant and the burglar-resistant ones. A fire-resistant safe is made up of thinner metal walls with insulation in between, whereas the burglar-resistant safe contains thick, heavy walls, but it will not protect the contents from fire. A fire/burglary safe is the best bet if a 30 minutes fire resistance is sufficient for your needs – otherwise it is quite expensive. It would be better if you purchased a fire-resistant safe and a burglar-resistant safe separately.

Installing your Safe?

It is quite easy to install home safes so you do not necessarily require the services of professional technicians for this purpose.

A few things to take into consideration when installing your Safe:

  1. Decide where you will put your Safe, checking the weight and check building plans to see if the space provided is sufficient.
  2. Clear passage to the room for the Safe to be brought in easily.
  3. Assess any problems you may encounter along the route for where the Safe will be stored. Plan your route of how the Safe will make it’s way to the destination.
  4. Empty the Safe before it is moved, it is then easier to carry and objects will not become jarred.
  5. Make sure your vehicle can accommodate the weight
  6. Load the Safe carefully onto the vehicle; get a neighbor to help if necessary. Don’t take risks dropping the Safe could injure yourself and others.
  7. Most importantly take the Safe into your home safely and securely.


If you feel you will not be able to carry out the entire procedure of installing a home safe on your own, you can seek help from The Little Safe Company, who will be more than happy to help.

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