The Importance of Backing up your computer data





Nowadays we live in a world full of technology but things often get damaged or lost this is the same when it comes to computers.

Whether you work from a Computer or a Laptop it’s the same difference data must be backed up. It’s amazing the vast amount of users all over the world who think this will never happen to me.

NEWSFLASH – Computers Crash, Laptops get dropped, Drinks are spilled- this is life.

Backing up Data is easier than you might think

You certainly have to have your data backed up nobody thinks it will happen to them but you must prepare for the eventuality that it might. Make yourself a list of what is going to be backed up: Letters emails, documents faxes, music, videos are just some of the items you might have.

What will they be stored on

The best options for back up storage are a USB, DVD, CD or External Hard Drive. You must keep your backup stored in a Safe Location.

Is there another solution?

Fire Safes for Digital Media are another great choice they are designed to protect your files from disasters such as flooding and fire, I would say this could be the ideal solution.

This type of Safe offers protection for CDS, DVDs, Hard Drives, cameras and USB Devices.

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The Privatisation of Royal Mail – Britain’s Iconic Postboxes could be threatened by sell-off

Britain’s iconic post boxes could be threatened after the Royal Mail is privatised, critics have warned.

The postal giant, under state control, has largely maintained the number of boxes across the country at around 115,500.

But opponents of the sell-off fear the figure could fall as private investors force the company to slash costs.

The first roadside letter box in the UK was erected in Jersey in 1852, followed a year later at Botchergate, Carlise.

But their use has been falling along with a rapid decline in stamped mail and the growth of emails and text messaging

Sources say it is not uncommon for postal workers to collect just one item at some post boxes, even in semi urban areas.

Telecoms regulator Ofcom brought in new rules earlier this year stating 98% of homes must be within half a mile of a post box.

But critics warn there will be pressure to loosen these restrictions further, along with pushing up the price of stamps and closing delivery offices.

Billy Hayes, general secretary of the Communication Workers Union, said: “One of the effects of privatsation will be a reduction in services.

“Not only is the universal service at risk but prices will certainly go up and a reduction in post boxes is very likely in an attempt to drive down costs.”

Shadow Business Secretary Chuka Umunna added: “We already know that ministers are disregarding the interests of consumers and small businesses in pursuit of their fire sale of Royal Mail.

“We know that the delivery offices people rely on could be sold off. But now the historic and much-loved pillar box is being put at risk too.

“The classic red pillar box is a feature of virtually every city, town, village and hamlet across the country, is an instantly-recognisable British icon known globally.

“But now it could be thrown on the scrapheap in the interest of making a fast buck for shareholders as Royal Mail is sold off in what looks like a cut-price deal with the taxpayer being short changed.”

The warning came as investors rushed to buy shares in Royal Mail ahead of today’s (Tues) midnight deadline, hoping to cash-in on a windfall.

Shares have been priced at between £2.60p and £3.30p each but are expected to rise when the company floats on the stock market.

The company is currently valued at £3.3billion but analysts at Panmure Gordon say it could be worth as much as £4.5billion.

Former home secretary Alan Johnson, who worked as a postman as a teenager, said: “There is a vast difference between pricing Royal Mail shares conservatively and undervaluing them by £1billion. This is ripping off the taxpayer on an epic scale.”

The Government is selling up to 62% of the business, with a 10% stake being handed for free to Royal Mail employees.

Ministers have rushed through the sale before postal workers strike over privatisation, along with pay, pensions and conditions.

The CWU is balloting staff but the earlier any strike can take place is October 23rd, after shares in the firm are trading.

The Mirror revealed on Saturday that Royal Mail boss Moya Greene has written to workers pleading for them not to walk out and offering a £300 payment to anyone who crosses the picket line.

However, union chiefs branded the move a “bribe” and have vowed to fight on.

Robert Cole, of the Letter Box Study Group, said it was reassured with support from the current Royal Mail management.

He said: “The letter box is an advert for the company on every street corner. Why would you want to get rid of them?”

There are numerous post box styles but tradition dictates they change along with the monarch. Around 60% of the 115,500 were erected during the current Queen’s reign.

Source: Royal Mail Privitization – Britain’s iconic Post Boxes could be threatened by sell-off

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National Home Security Month

Yale are having National Home Security Month all throughout October. The idea being this will showcase the importance of Home Security.







Recent statistics show that burglaries increase by up to 20 per cent when the clocks change, as criminals take advantage of the darker evenings.

To combat the rise in burglary, NHSM will feature a series of hints and tips to highlight the ways you can keep your homes and families safe during the darker evenings.

The campaign will feature five weekly themes, with each focusing on a different aspect of home security.

This week, crime figures are under the spotlight, as people are urged to become more aware of potential risk in their local area. To support this, Yale is offering a free Crime Watcher app that displays burglary statistics within a mile of your home, during a one-month period.

Door and window security will provide the focus for week two. Many burglars often avoid smashing windows but attempt to force the frame itself, so the campaign will highlight the importance of ensuring all windows are fitted with at least one appropriate lock.

People are more susceptible to fraud during winter, and especially around Christmas, so the third week will examine the best ways to protect valuables. This will be followed by a focus on outside protection in week four, highlighting the importance of securing sheds and garages during the darker months.

NHSM will conclude with a look at the latest security gadgets and future home security technology including digital door locks, which offer both convenience and peace of mind.

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How to keep an Office well Organised?


This can be a major issue at times; unfortunately no matter how hard you try you are overloaded with paperwork. In these instances you need to reduce the level of paperwork quickly and efficiently. A good method is to prioritize what is to be done first and have a filing system in place.






Minimising the Paperwork

You may want to consider doing away with your paperwork. One of the things you can do now is find it online. You can easily get rid of what you do not need and create well organized digital files. However you must make sure there is a back up plan in case of a computer catastrophe.

The Remaining Paperwork

An efficient system must be sorted out and put in place. Do not start just piling it up on your desk, a gust of wind could come along from the open window and blow it away and then your order is in a right old mess.

Purchase yourself a basic Filing Cabinet, you don’t need a fancy system in place, no need for colour coding of folders just do it in straight up alphabetical order.

An Alphabetical system could be just what is required; many hours are lost in a working day trying to find things. Statistically a worker spends 150 hours looking for misplaced information.

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Post Boxes stolen for scrap metal

Five Royal Mail Postboxes have been stolen from towns and villages in Staffordshire by suspected scrap metal thieves.

The cast-iron boxes on posts were taken over the past two weeks, according to Staffordshire Police.

PC Hayley Eaton said: “They’re being stolen for the price of the metal, they can be collector’s items or sold for scrap value.”

Royal Mail has said it did not know how much post was in the stolen boxes.

The boxes were taken from Hulme End, Bottomhouse, Longsdon, Cheddleton and Mollatts Wood Road, in Leek.

Mike Norman from Royal Mail said anyone concerned regarding letters they posted were in the boxes should contact the customer services team.

He said: “We apologise to any customers who have been inconvenienced by these thefts.

“We are working to replace the stolen postboxes as quickly as possible but in the meantime, customers can use others in the area or drop their mail off at any post office branch.”

Source: Postboxes stolen in Staffordshire for scrap metal




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New Eurovault Atlas Safes range

In February Burton Safes released the Eurovault Atlas Safes range offering the best in security on the marketplace for Safes available in the UK.

The Atlas is very heavy in weight, so it’s highly unlikely a burglar will be walking away with your Safe. No other Manufacturer of Safes has released a product that offers such a high level of security.  The Atlas Safes are also available at a Grade 4, 5 and 6.

The Eurovault Atlas Safes range has been bought in to replace the Eurovault Fortis range.

Later this year the Eurovault Atlas Grade 7 was shortlisted for an award for being Highest Graded Security Safe in the UK. The Grade 7 Safe offers a Cash rating of £250,000; this is £100,000 more than its nearest UK rival.

In May it was announced that Grade 7 Safe had won the award IFSEC for Physical Security product of 2013. The awards ceremony took place at a glitzy event hosted by ex England rugby star Austin Healey on 13th May.

Burton Safes one the award for having the UK’S Highest Rated Security Safe and passing the test for European Standard EN1143-1.

Sales Director Ben Lewis had this to say: We are thrilled to have won this award and to have had this product recognised. Two years ago most of the UK safe industry told me that it was not possible to produce such a product. Now we have proved them all wrong and private clients and government bodies can both benefit from the excpetional levels of security this product will offer them.”

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Protecting your personal information offline

In the previous post we spoke about Identity theft and how to protect your personal information online.

Now we are moving forward and going to analyze the same subject but the threats it poses offline.

Personal information is always confidential. However you need to make sure your financial records and documents are stored in a safe location.  When it comes to this sort of information trust nobody not even your work colleagues.






It is very important you have something in place to offer the levels of protection you require for looking after this information. A good starting point when talking about files is a Filing Cabinet, this type of product always offers some level of Fire Protection usually between 60 -120 minutes. A Key Lock is always supplied for the locking of your Cabinet.

However if your not so keen on the idea of a Key Lock you could always go for an Electronic Locking Safe.  The distinct advantage with going for this option is you cannot lose your key you only need to remember the code.

There are other bonuses to including:

  • Fire Protection
  • Cash Rating (insurance approved)
  • Storage space for valuables
  • Different sizes
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Certain models have interior compartment for extra storage


Here are a few other tips when securing offline information:

Out and about – limiting what you carry with you when you go for the daily walk is a good idea, Leave credit and Debit Cards at home if you don’t need to use them.

Sharing of information – You are asked for information at your place of work, business or other company. Make sure it is absolutely essential that they require this information.

Shredding – Shred all confidential information that you do not need anymore such as: insurance forms, cheques and bank statements.

The answer most of all is to be safe with your personal information and don’t keep it or give it out if it’s not necessary.

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Keeping your Personal Information secure online

One of the main things to be aware of when we talk about your personal information is your at risk of identity theft.









According to latest news figures by 2015 the number of people connected to the internet could reach to approximately 2.7 million, that’s 40% of the world’s population.

This statistic is worrying due to the fact that most people use the internet on their phone rather than a desktop or laptop computer. Nowadays a lot of jobs pay for you to have a work mobile which may seem great, however the amount of confidential information you will be checking on your phone could easily be hacked compared with a normal computer.

So what are the main risks for online users?

Impersonators – Be sure who is seeing your information whether it’s personal or financial.  A good point here is say a company sends a request  for your personal information make sure the company are who they say they are, check the email via their website or give their customer service team a call.

Secure your data – Make sure your browser is secure. You can guard online transactions by using encryption software which then scrambles information sent via the internet

Passwords – No matter the type of computer or mobile you use for your internet service, keep passwords strong think of something creative that only you would know. It is recommended passwords contain both letters and numbers.

Be careful what you post – Nowadays everyone is on the top Social Networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. But whether you are an individual or a business you need to be careful what you post online, never leave personal information or financial details on these sites.

Security is a must for you and your personal information so be careful what your using on your mobile’s.

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The British Public exchange thousands of text messages with Lamp Post and Mail Boxes

More than 25,000 text messages, fired at lamp posts, graffiti, chewing gum, post boxes and other supposedly mute correspondents, have been sent by the public to objects in Bristol.







Residents and visitors to the city were invited to communicate with street furniture as part of Hello Lamp Post, an interactive ploy allowing texters to swap observations and advice with familiar objects about the streets.

A total of 1,161 targets were “woken up” across the city, including more than 200 lamp posts and a set of digital dogs.

Revealing some of the more abstract conversations, organisers PAN Studios said one player had counted the 87 strides it took to cross a bridge. Others suggested ice cream vans as secret agent hideouts, while a drain which asked one participant what was under their feet was informed: “Naked hairless humans with massive eyes.”

“The project has been all that we had hoped for and so much more,” says Ben Barker, the co-founder of the studios commissioned to create the project after winning the Watershed venue’s inaugural Playable City Award.

“We wanted to give people of all ages and backgrounds in Bristol a chance to interact with the city, to play with the ordinary and sometimes extraordinary objects they came across every day and spark a conversation.

“We’ve been overwhelmed with the response and the number of people who have taken part. We’ve followed the conversations with great interest and it’s been so exciting to see how imaginative the people of Bristol are and the conversations that Hello Lamp Post has inspired.”

Nearly 4,000 people took part, averaging 70 new players each day throughout the summer. Barker is now hoping to present the project at Texas’s SXSW festival in 2014.

Watershed plans to announce details of the second Playable City Award later on in the year.

Source: British public exchange thousands of text messages with lamp and post boxes

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Letter Box appears in the middle of Thames


The Bright Red Letter Box frontage appeared about a metre above water level on a parapet of the bridge, which crosses the river.

Villagers of Sonning-on-Thames, including Uri Geller, have been left puzzled as to how people could post letters or collect them from the box which is impossible to reach on foot and liable to flooding.

Mr Geller, who has lived in the Berkshire village for three decades, said: “I have never seen anything like this anywhere in the world, it’s a new one on me.”

But Mr Geller said the village had been known to have its rather unusual stories.

He added: “There have been many sightings of a child ghost that walks on the bridge.

“Maybe it was the ghost of a mischievous little girl.”

As well as being difficult to reach it is also thought the letter box could be impossible to use as the area of the Thames it occupies often floods.

The traditional letter box frontage, which is around 100 years old, was spotted by a Royal Mail delivery man who took a photo to prove where the letter box had been positioned and that he would need a boat to collect any post.

A spokesman for Royal Mail, said: “The recent appearance of a postbox frontage on the side of the river bridge at Sonning is a mystery to us.

“It is certainly not an operational posting facility and we have no knowledge of how it arrived at this specific location.”

Source: Letter Box appears on bridge in the middle of the Thames

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